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A blog documenting the thoughts, ideas and struggles of a single, introverted woman as she finds her niche in this extroverted world.  Updated weekly.

Aug 17 2014

Surveying His Domain

As I take the steps necessary to work myself out of my crushing and debilitating stages of depression, I find myself looking back at old habits and behaviors and wondering just what I should do to recalculate my life.  One area that seems to need some tweaks is my love life.

One item that I have always "prided" myself on was that I have never been a big flirt.  You could even say that I considered flirting as annoying, gross, and even a smidgen below me.  The whole propping up my breasts or bending over in front of a man or laughing and flipping my hair whilst I leaned over and lay heavily on the potential victim’s shoulder all just seemed so...silly to me.  Whatever happened to the traditional Daniel Craig lookalike coming around the corner and stopping dead in his tracks as he sees me unassumingly packing boxes of supplies for the downtrodden children’s homes as a beam of light shines down upon me from the sun above?

What do you mean, not $&^%@ plausible?


Jun 19 2014

Just the Bee 

 A week or so ago, I was searching the internet for, oh, the usual suspects. A little YouTube, a little Realtor.com, a little web design tips.

And, of course, a little Tiny Buddha.

This time around, I was having trouble with my overthinking about my place in the world, why it is that everyone else I know has somebody they can go to when times get rough. My low self-esteem and the fact that I'm often told how "special" I am just makes me want to kick someone in the teeth.

Tiny Buddha, an amazing site of spiritual wisdom, had something for my pain, and it was an article by an individual named...JustB.

JustB? Excuse me?


May 11 2014

Frozen Branch


I have a friend. Let's call her Mickie.

I spoke to Mickie on the phone the other day as she mentioned an outing she took with her boyfriend. "We went to this concert yesterday," she said, then sighed. "It was a lot of fun, but...all he could think about was how he was missing sleep on a work day. He just had such a foul look on his face the whole night."

It'd be one thing if this was the only thing she had ever complained of about him. Unfortunately, she's been with him for over ten years, and he has put her through an emotional ringer. There were times when he walked out of her parents' house on Christmas Eve, because he didn't like how her mother voiced how dismissive he treated both of them. He has yelled at, berated and blamed Mickie for all the problems in his life, just because he didn't get a good night's sleep or he had to contend with the fact that she would probably always outrank him financially.

Over the last few years, though, it seems he has "gotten better." This means he doesn't blame her anymore (that I know), and she has learned how to "deal with him" when he gets in one of his moods. Translation: she lets him throw his silent tantrum and shuts down until he knocks on her door at 10:00 at night, red-eyed and depressed.

They plan to get married soon.


Apr 29 2014

Disclaimer:  I am in no way affiliated with The Blackwell game series or Wadjet Eye Games.  All characters, likenesses, images, etc. are their exclusive property.  Opinions listed here are mine, and the fan story is purely for entertainment.

Try the demo here!


It’s been five days since The Blackwell Epiphany (by Wadjet Eye Games) was released.  It’s been two days since I finished it. 

I’m not here to give a full-scale review on the game—although goodness knows I could.  Thankfully, there are already a plethora of reviews out there, which leaves me time to do my part.

So many months ago, I had planned on writing a full-scale chapter book of one of the “lost” Blackwell adventures.  Purely fanfiction and not at all affiliated with Wadjet Eye Games!  Unfortunately, that thing called a full-time job, a freelance business and school all got in the way. 

In lieu of this disappointment, and with the release of Epiphany, I felt a surge of emotion and—dare I say it—inspiration.  I also felt the need to redeem myself and actually write a story that I completed.

Done and done.  J

I’ll be perfectly blunt—I wrote this because, as fulfilling and absolutely astoundingly awesome the ending to this game was, it still didn’t fulfill my inner fangirl towards the one thing I wanted more than anything.

Did it tease the heck out of it?  Oh, heck yes, it did.

And dagnabbit, writing this addition was the only way I could squelch it.


Apr 16 2014

Hair Oils

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with the websites that I reference.  They do, however, offer some amazing advice on the chemistry of carrier oils and hair care.  Please feel free to read further and enjoy the knowledge!


As I (once again) get into the flow of posting regularly, I’ve decided to start on a lighter note.  That means announcing a major change in my hair regimen.

After an exciting three-month run with Curlformers, I finally gave the “plastic crack” a break and refamiliarized myself with my hair texture.  Coupling that with my seasonal trim and the onset of warmer weather means also reevaluating the products I use on my hair.

I have low-porosity hair.  What that means is my hair cuticles are naturally closed tight.  That’s good as far as locking in moisture; but getting moistureinside can be a little more difficult.  What works for me includes conditioning for 30 minutes and using indirect heat (like steam treatments) to open the cuticles and get that moisture inside.

What moisture is that?  Water.

How do I help hold that water in?

Well, oils are a major part of that.


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