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Mid-30s, Female, Single and Awesome

The last thing I intended to do was restart my blog with a rant over another blog.  But when I saw the title of a Vogue.com article shared on Twitter a few weeks ago, my biscuits became quite burned. “How Did I Become the Last Single Person In My Group?” A.k.a., “Mid-30s and Single:  Did I Wait too Long to …

The Greatest Thing EVER

The Greatest Thing EVER #1: GreenBeauty

Last year, in the heart of COVID-19’s quarantine, I delved more than ever into online resources of natural hair care. Being at home certainly gave me the extra time to do so, and I knew I wasn’t the only one. Friends, family, coworkers, online forums–almost every hair-grower I was aware of had decided to let their locks grow with minimal …

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Bringing the Blog Back (aka Happy New Year!)

Greetings, all, and happy, Happy New Year! I think we can all agree that we’re not especially disappointed to see 2020 go. But who knows–maybe some of us are. I know we’re all eager to put the last 365 days far behind us, but to ensure that we remember why we’re so grateful for the emergence of the new year, …

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The Mind of B’s Getting Some Work Done–Again

I’m going to make this quick and dirty. As a collective, we’ve all been going through one heck of a year so far in 2020. Individually, I can only imagine what you’re all going through–and feeling, on top of all of the happenings. As for myself, it’s been a cacophony of mental, emotional, and physical roller coasters for so many …

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Natural Ingredients My Hair HATES (Yours Might, Too)

Okay, okay–so this isn’t the most exciting or dynamic blog post to come back into the flow. It is, however, extremely relevant for me right now. During this time when staying at home is helpful to both myself and to everyone else, I’ve have a lot of time to reflect on the way I’m living. My friends and family are …

Single and Dating

The Ways That We Date

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Elizabeth Barrett Browning I should have realized long ago that only crazy things happen at 11 o’clock at night. For me, I was trying to finagle a queen-sized bed-in-a-box mattress through my front door, as I waited for one of my friends to come by after work and help me …

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2020: Year of Resolves and Transformation

Click here to go straight to my 2020 New Year’s “resolves”! It’s an interesting revelation to realize well into your adulthood that you are pretty much unchanged, personality-wise, from when you were a child. If you were neat as a kid, instinctively putting your toys away after playing, you probably still find sweet pleasure in maintaining that cleanliness in your …