About B

In 2008, I moved from a tiny town in Florida to the big city of Atlanta to pursue a job promotion and what I thought would be the biggest opportunity of my life.

Less than two years later, I was released from that job and left to navigate one of the busiest, most hectic cities in the U.S.

I was struggling from a lot of mental, emotional, and spiritual turmoil living away from family for the first time.  Still licking my wounds from personal failures earlier in my 20s, my returning home was not an option.

Since then, I’ve put myself on a journey to discover the ins and outs of my head while living the life I actually want to live.

I consider myself a “super” introvert.  My Meier-Briggs personality is INFP-T:  The Mediator.  While I love people, I quickly tire from social interactions and environmental stimuli–which is exacerbated by my also being a highly sensitive person.

This blog is a chronicle of my daily struggles in handling these conditions and the extremities that can vary from day to day.

I share my insights as I navigate towards becoming a published author, an established voice actor, and someone who is learning to love every moment that comes my way.

I love writing, cooking, making hair care products, writing, watching professional wrestling, practicing my taekwondo forms, reading, being active with no real goal in mind, writing, and just sitting and watching the river flow.  Tis a simple life, but it’s mine.  And despite all that trouble above that can wreak mental havoc…I still kinda like it.

There are many who go through life probably feeling like me — that they work so hard every day to take steps forward, only to fall back.  Feel free to contact me with any questions of your own, or just to share your own experiences.  I would love to hear what other concerns are lurking about.