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Ayurveda and My Hair Regimen


Ayurvedic Ingredients 

I could go on and on about every item I have found and tested on myself, but I will keep this post relatively short for today – especially since I still have my durn novel to write and my hair to finish washing. What I will give is the recipe that I am using today, which is also one of my favorites.

Ingredients (pictured above):

  • 6 parts Hesh brand Shikakai powder
  • 4 parts Hesh brand Amla powder
  • 2 ½ parts Hesh brand Tulsi powder
  • Distilled water
  • A splash of Dabur Vatika coconut oil
  • A splash of Dabur Rose Water

 Quick Explanation:

Shikakai powder, like Brahmi powder, is considered a “shampoo” and works to suck up excessive dirt and oil without drying the hair or scalp. It’s also a natural detangler.

Amla powder  is one of the most common “conditioning” powders and is listed as halting premature greying, promoting hair growth and strengthening hair roots. (The stopping grey hairs is freakin’ true. I wished I’d kept the proof.)

Tulsi powder  is also a “conditioning” powder and maintains moisture on the scalp while assisting with the control of dandruff.

Since distilled water is so…distilled, I’ve decided to apply it instead of tap water, allowing the minerals in the powders to take over instead.

The coconut oil and rose water both have softening and nutritional benefits and were added as an afterthought – and they just smell so nice.


The Steps:

  1. I scoop the powders into a glass bowl and blend them together.
  2. Then, I add distilled water and mix until I have a consistency of yogurt:
    Yogurt Shampoo!
  3. Once it’s mixed, I pour in a little coconut oil and a little rose water and stir/whisk until smooth (You definitely don’t want to add too much oil, or you’ll end up with a mixture that breaks up and proves the “water and oil” adage just right.)
  4. I part my hair and apply directly to the scalp, massaging the paste along the strands as I work my fingers out. 
  5. I add the remaining paste to my hair tips and, after one more massage for good measure, I put a plastic cap over my head and allow it to marinate. It only needs about 10 – 15 minutes, but I usually let it go for an hour while I work around the apartment.
    Applied Shampoo
  6. After that, I rinse it out in the shower until the water runs clear. I apply a cheap, $3 conditioner as a method to scrub my hair and rinse out any particles I missed on the first go.
  7. If my hair feels like it needs it, I go for a deep conditioning that lasts approximately half an hour (including a 15-minute steam treatment).
  8. After the final rinse, I apply a leave-in detangler and homemade shea butter cream that I mixed with a few oils (namely castor oil and coconut oil) to my scalp and hair, work my “curlies” with my fingers in the mirror for a few minutes, and leave it at that.


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