Ayurvedic Shampoo

Ayurveda and My Hair Regimen

I can almost hear the astonishment: “Holy crud; that’s a lot of time.”

You’re durn right, it is!  The whole process can take up to four hours if I’m feeling especially languid

One thing I’ve learned over the adventure with my hair is, I don’t have to manipulate my hair or use a lot of products to get it healthy and growing. Some days, I don’t have any time and end up doing a goat’s milk soap shampoo and quick conditioning before smearing in a glob of shea butter and hoping for the best. That lasts less than an hour.

However, on the days when I do have time, I like and prefer the Ayurvedic approach. For me, it’s just another part of my Sunday Pamper Time – and we should all, I think, take time out for ourselves. 

Freshly washed 4a hair.

Freshly rinsed, no product.  I love Pamper Time.  

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