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Social Anxiety: “I Have a Mouth but I Can’t Scream”

Speech.  Social anxiety’s worst enemy. Talk. Chat. Socialize.  Comment.  Network. Complain. Yell.  Argue.  Discuss.  Brief. Debrief. In the English language alone, there are thousands of words set aside for describing every type of verbal expression. So where does that leave someone who struggles with socializing? In just over a month’s time, I will be attending…

Water on a Leaf

Sunday Drive – Part Two

Originally, the time span from my psychic appointment with Angelia seemed endless.  However, I passed it by grabbing lunch at McDonald’s and getting my car’s emission test across the street.  The emissions manager was pleasant, and we chatted about the weather and his ride while he quickly analyzed my car. “That’s a gorgeous motorcycle,” I…