Bending The Rules Review – And Rant

Click here for image source.     (To go directly to the movie review, click here.)   One of the beliefs that an actor should suspend is the fact that they are not “the actor” when on screen, but rather the character that they are portraying in the commercial, the TV show, the film, the movie. For example, I found a new love for George Clooney (considering I’d had no reaction for him at all before) when my mother forced me to watch “O Brother Where Art Thou?” the winter after it came out on DVD. I was also astounded, as…

Writing Prompt: One Very Memorable Night

In lieu of my pursuit to become a published author (heck, it’s hard enough just getting up the nerve to post here), I have decided to start writing prompts from various websites and posting them here, if I miss the original deadline and, at the very least, give them some air. My first attempt is from the Writer’s Digest January 17 weekly prompt entitled “One Very Memorable Night”.  Read it, or head to the website to try one yourself.  Enjoy!

The Buddha’s Hand

I went to my local farmer’s market the other day and came upon a bin full of yellow fruit, each with a disturbing number of fingers that seemed frozen in midwave.  Their skins were the texture of navel oranges, and I could smell how ripe they were the moment I passed through the market’s front doors.  The name above the bin was “Buddha’s Hand,” and I couldn’t argue with such a creepy-looking piece of produce.