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Getting Sick was the Best Thing to Happen to Me

Following a years-long struggle with undiagnosed illnesses and exhausting treatments, I finally want to address how I have been living with complications of chronic fatigue syndrome. Though it has never been easy, these challenges have brought valuable insights, prompted self-awareness, and elicited permanent lifestyle changes as I’m learning how to heal.

Physical Health Self-care

To Diet Or Not To Diet

There’s a chocolate bar in my lunch bag that’s calling my name. “Brandee…Bra-andee…” It’s a King-size bar with real milk chocolate and fluffy nougat. It’ll taste so light and sweet and delicious. “Brandeeeeee…Braaaaa-andee…” I’ve already taken it out three times today. Its silver wrapper is so thin, so easy to deconstruct. All it will take is to turn it at …