Standing At the Crossroads



Have you ever worked on a project so long, you’ve forgotten how you started it all?

I guess you could say that’s how I feel about both my writing career and the novel that I’m currently scratching out.

Yesterday, I took a daytrip to Macon, Georgia to attend the Crossroads Writers Conference.  Since this was the first conference I have ever attended, I did my best to listen to the writers that I met and to watch my surroundings as others mingled and conversed.  Being the shy gal that I was, I didn’t disperse as many business cards as I could have, but I didn’t mind.  Just the fact that I made it down was a huge milestone to my introverted core.

I was privileged enough to see Chris Baty (creator of National Novel Writing Month) in person as he discussed how he founded the program that allowed him to share his love of writing with the world.

Everyone attends conferences for different reasons.  For me, it wasn’t so much to meet people or to get autographs.  Crossroads was developed to give prospective and discouraged writers a boost of confidence and courage.  My current novel is 60,000 words long and has stalled over the last several weeks as my training for taekwondo has increased.

That being said, I am so close to finishing.  National Novel Writing Month is in November.  Its goal is to have the struggling writer complete the first 50,000 words of a new work by month’s end.  That being said, I want to attempt a pre-NaNoWriMo completion of the final 50,000 words of my own work.


Because this book is definitely ready to be completed, and it can’t wait another month.

Crossroads taught me that, in the multiple aspirations of writing, there are no rules.  Only the individual writer can tell what he or she needs to get through her book.

My new goal of completion is Oct. 31.  Will I make it?

Only time and my dedication can tell.

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