An Evening Mirror

It sucks to be the person you never wanted to meet.

We all have our own:

  • She’s really perky and bends over backwards to make sure everyone’s happiness comes before her own.
  • Or she’s dissatisfied with the way that her life is turning out, and so she lashes out at anything that moves.
  • Or maybe she sits terrified in the corner, hoping and praying that her life will change through the sheer force of her mental will.

Or perhaps she alternates between the three, and you never know which one you will have to suppress from one moment to the next.

Last week, I was scowling at the world for reasons I couldn’t explain. I allowed my mind to take over my reality. This week, as I walked through my office building and passed strangers and acquaintances who wouldn’t look me in the eye, I wondered at how miserable they appeared to be. Then, as I turned around to get a better look at them, they morphed into my mirror image.

We all want to be something more than we are…right? Maybe it’s just me. I see the thrill that some individuals receive when they gain a new experience. If it’s positive, they’re thrilled. If it’s negative, they shrug, take the lesson, and move on. The chance to learn allows them to grow exponentially and seek new moments of emotional or spiritual growth. Growth, in my mind, is the greatest goal a person can reach for.

To be free and happy by extending beyond our current world. To break the pattern of monotony and find some meaning in what we do in our lives.How do we know when we’ve gained? What do we do if we fall backwards into a terribly dark rut?

Maybe that’s why we have to become the person that scares us more than anything. If we only met her instead, we wouldn’t be able to control her behavior. We wouldn’t be able to show her the negativity that her attitude is creating, causing a chain reaction of disappointment that is impossible to trace, yet near equally impossible not to detect.

We can’t go through life avoiding circumstances, can we?

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