At the risk of sounding crazy, I’ve felt like the Universe has been trying to steer me in a specific direction, especially lately.  And by the Universe, I don’t just mean the vacuous expanse beyond the atmosphere of Earth.

The Universe goes by many names.
The Secret.
Positive affirmations.
The Law of Attraction.
“Ask, and ye shall receive.”
God and the Power of Prayer.
No matter what it’s known by, it’s a phenomenon that has hit all of us, whether or not we know it.  If we want something really bad; we tell everyone about it; we do all we can to drive  in our direction.  Then, the moment we stick it out of our minds to move on, there it is—exactly the way we wanted it.
There are times, though, when the Universe doesn’t answer us at all, no matter how much we ask, beg, work for a specific result.  Is it because the Universe doesn’t have ears?
I wanted to address this for a while, mainly because this has been a major part of what the “Mind Of B” has become as I’ve grown older.  Over the next several posts, I want to discuss what “The Universe” means to me and how I learned to read signposts before, during, and after they occurred in my life.

I began researching the Universe when I began reassessing my life goals and the depths with which I wanted to burrow into spirituality.  I had recently lost myself to bad personal decisions, and I was sitting in my apartment every weekend, slouching in front of the computer and wondering just when was my life going to change.
During this time, I returned to the inspirational books of my teens, several of which recommended writing down anything that I wanted in any form that suited me.  This list of desires included what I wanted in material possessions, what I wanted in a job, what I wanted in my social life, and even what I wanted in a potential relationship.
“Be specific,” the books advised.  “Otherwise, you could risk getting what you want at the expense of something else.”
“Like da Monkey’s Paw,” I whispered, all big-eyed.
“Yes,” the books said.  “Exactly like the Monkey’s Paw.”
The last thing I needed was my dead adult son coming back to life and walking all the way from the cemetery just to knock on my door.
So, I hunkered down and got specific.