Shea Butter

The Most Interesting Product In the World

My Uses of Shea Butter

So how do I use shea butter?

Plain and simple.  I stick a lump into a bowl, whip out my hand mixer, and beat that sucker until it’s nice and smooth.  For some, a double boiler can allow you to obtain the same results a few minutes faster; however, after my first time attempting this, my butter “grained” up and just didn’t feel the same as before.  That, and the fact that I might have heated out some of the benefits I had bought unrefined shea butter for in the first place led me to the no-heat method.

While I’m blending, I’ll add trace amounts of any or all of my favorite oils:

  • Avocado oil – for moisture and vitamins
  • Castor oil – for thickness and growth
  • Extra virgin olive oil – for moisture
  • Black seed oil – for reputed hair growth
  • Jojoba oil – for moisture and assimilation

The key word is “trace.”  I want shea butter to be the main star of my hair product, so no more than 1 – 2 teaspoons of each oil for approximately 8 – 10 ounces of shea butter.  You want to keep it in cream form, not thin lotion form.

Since shea butter is an emollient, I use it as both a moisturizer and a sealer on my hair.  I have a good grade of butter now, so it melts quite nicely into my hair without any ugly residue.

It is my #1 hair staple. Now that my hair is long enough to do twist- and braid-outs, I’m going to work this latest batch to see what it can do.

I have posted a link here to the shea butter techniques and recipes of one of the leading long-locked-and-endless-number-of-natural-hairstyles vloggers today, Naptural85.  Although I heard of her after I’d cold-whipped my own shea butter, she definitely turned it into an art form—which is how I managed the pic you saw at the beginning.  Notice how the consistency of her final product is that of professional-grade buttercream icing.

And now I’m hungry.  Think I’ll make tacos.

Please feel free to send any questions you may have about shea butter my way.  I purchase mine from SoapGoods, which is actually local here in Atlanta.  They ship fast and hold a plethora of other natural ingredients for all your soap- and lotion-making needs.

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