My Audition For The Voice

About a week ago, my taekwondo Master gave the adult class a very interesting bit of advice:  “Everybody should do something uncomfortable in their lives to continue challenging themselves.”

Apparently, I took that advice to heart and did just that when I woke up at 4 o’clock this morning and drove downtown to audition for The Voice.

Originally, this audition was never supposed to happen.   Why?  Well, several factors contributed to this:

    1. I gave up my desire to seek a hardcore fulltime singing career years ago.
    2. I have been losing sleep a lot lately, and waking up early has been difficult – durn near impossible.
    3. I have mild social anxieties and get nervous standing in long lines, surrounded by lots and lots of people.

Guess which of the three The Voice auditions have?

If you said all of the above…you’re probably thinking, “Uh, oh.”

And you’d be thinking right.

Originally, it was my younger sister Cay who was going to be auditioning and thus start the pursuit of her musical career.  I was auditioning as a support vessel to show her that there was nothing to worry about. Due to an unfortunate situation at home that couldn’t be avoided, my sister had to cancel her trip to Atlanta.  I had already mentally planned myself to wake up early on Sunday, so I decided, “What the hey.  What could go wrong?”

That’s what happens when you only get two hours of sleep the night before.

By the time I arrived at the Atlanta Convention Center at Americasmart, the audition line coiled around inside a massive loading dock area and looped outside the building.  Girls in miniskirts and leopard leggings, men in faux hawks, and everything in between trilled and belted at the top of their voices as they struggled to keep their spirits up.  Together, we wandered from outdoors to registration, from registration to the waiting area, from the waiting area to another waiting area, and finally to our audition rooms.

This took, oh…four hours.

And I hadn’t even auditioned yet.

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    And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me statrghi.

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