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MadeaThere is no better feeling than being busy, especially when it entails seeing friends and family.  That being said, it’s time to get back into the swing of the writing career.  I’m glad that tomorrow is Labor Day and will allow me a full day to write my butt off.Well, not really write my butt off—first of all, cuz that would take days—weeks, even.  My butt is awfully ample, and how would I sit without it?


Over the last week, I started browsing through writing websites and blogs to get re-inspired on my writing journey.  I made plans to attend my very first writer’s conference.  I picked contents to write towards by their monthly deadlines.  I revamped my blog to give it more info, more accessibility, and more reader-friendly options.  I’ve still got a lot of work to do, but knowing that I’m taking steps in the write (write!  Get it?!) direction has given me the drive and the excitement to keep going.

For other aspiring writers who are looking to find some blogs and sites that will keep them going, I have listed my loves, old and new, below.

Scattered Pages

If you love young adult fiction (think The Fault In Our Stars) and the fresh, rich feeling that its highest quality pieces can provide, I recommend following this blog.  Not only will you come in touch with Dot Hutchison, one of the premier writers in the YA genre, you’ll get a little extra with some Shakespearean depth and a tree of other writers.

Though this blog has been in circulation since February of 2011, Dot Hutchinson has been writing since she was in high school—and even before.  Her first novel, Elsinore Drowning, will be in bookstores Fall 2013. How do I know this?  She is a longtime friend of mine, and I am proud to see her as a writing colleague, a pioneer, and a source of comfort during my darker times.

Check out her blog here for writing advice, giveaways, anecdotes, and book reviews.

Funds For Writers

The name says it all.  If you are just starting your writing career and want to get a feel for the different avenues that will pay for your words, this is somewhere you want to visit.  As one of Writer’s Digest’s 101 Top Websites for Writers for 11 years straight, this site compiles from a plethora of markets to make it easy to search for the niche that will make you the most profitable.  Have the option of the basic free biweekly newsletters or, for only $15 a year, a more extensive list of over 75 opportunities per issue.In addition to the list of funds, you can also read blog entries of FFW founder C. Hope Clark, as well as follow her progress as she continues her own writing career.

Click here to see what contests and grants you can qualify for.

Beyond Black & White

This one isn’t a one-person blog, but it covers a lot of topics that I have been unable to discuss with many people in my life.  It is no secret to anyone who hears me open my mouth that I would not be considered a “traditional” African American woman.  This has proven to be a blessing and a curse on my part.  I value my individuality more than anything and have no intent of ever sticking myself into a past or future standard.  When trying to express this, though, there is the tendency to be misunderstood—to be treated as if I’m acting like anything other than my race.When I found Beyond Black & White, I felt, for one of the first times in my life, as if I could stop holding my breath.

Founded by a black woman who is happily married to a white man, the site focuses on African American females and empowering them with a voice that says, “You can be different from the norm—and you can still be happy.”

Politics, relationships, everyday living, and more are discussed here.  Click here to take a look.

Poets & Writers

For over forty years, this nonprofit organization has been serving creative writers with funding, education, advice, and other tools that will aid in any writer’s career.  They publish a magazine as well, which just expands on their brand by highlighting interviews, MFA programs, and residencies across the nation.

I’m still browsing this site, but so far, I’m liking what I’ve seen.  I’m more surprised I didn’t find this site earlier.  In my opinion, it stands just as prevolently as Writer’s Digest.  But then, the most mainstream does not necessarily equal the best, does it?

At any rate, I recommend taking a look at this site.

Nathan Bransford – Author

Last but never least—get out of my freakin’ head.

Nathan Bransford’s blog and informational site is colorful, it’s entertaining, and it’s visual.  My brain is child-at-heart, and the articles I’ve looked at so far have fed it muchly.  As a kid’s novelist, CNET social media manger, and former literary agent, Nathan knows how to draw in the crowd.  He has 101,000 followers on Twitter and over 6,000 subscribers on Facebook.  Even if he had zero, though, I’d still follow him proudly.

Nathan posts the questions and concerns that I have not seen anywhere else—the “down and dirty” truth about what it means (and feels like) to be a lonely, desperate, obsessed, crazy, worrisome new writer.  And he does it with fun pictures and humor.  Love it.

Click here and embrace the wild reality of the writing world. 

And this is only five of the sites.  Goodness knows I’ve missed some.If there are any other sites that anyone would like to recommend, I would love to hear about them.  The well of knowledge is, thankfully, quite endless. 

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