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The Blackwell Epiphany – a Fan’s Epilogue

Disclaimer:  I am in no way affiliated with The Blackwell game series or Wadjet Eye Games.  All characters, likenesses, images, etc. are their exclusive property.  Opinions listed here are mine, and the fan story is purely for entertainment. It’s been five days since The Blackwell Epiphany (by Wadjet Eye Games) was released.  It’s been two days since I finished it.  …

Super Introvert

My Obligatory New Year’s Post

Well, here we are again. New Year’s Day, 2014. It’s a time for perspective and a time for looking into the future. What resolutions will be broken by the end of the summer?  Of this month?  Of this weekend? What will change in our lives that we never could have expected? I began this post fully expecting to write a …