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Super Introvert

Being Different Sucks–and I Love It

As kids and adolescents, we’re told that being different is a wonderful thing.  “You’re unique,” our parents gush, fluffing out the neon blue tutu we’ve refused to take off for eight days straight.  “You want to stand out from the crowd.  People will always remember you.” What they don’t tell you is that, once you’re an adult, being different will …

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Mental and Emotional Health Self-care

Social Anxiety: I Have a Mouth but I Can’t Scream

Speech.  Social anxiety’s worst enemy. Talk. Chat. Socialize.  Comment.  Network. Complain. Yell.  Argue.  Discuss.  Brief. Debrief. In the English language alone, there are thousands of words set aside for describing every type of verbal expression. So where does that leave someone who struggles with socializing? In just over a month’s time, I will be attending the OYW 2018 Leadership forum. …