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Training Begins: 90 Days till Action Star!!!

Have you ever felt like your body was literally and figuratively itching to do something?  Like, if you had to sit for one more second and NOT do it, you just might burst out of your seat and…I don’t know…do it twice as hard? (I know, I know–I could have come up with something better. Bad blogger.) For some, it’s …

Self-care Super Introvert

So Cruel, the Face Of Man

It’s early, and I’m feeling so tired. I’m having trouble sleeping. Why does that sound like the entry lines for a song? Oh, well. I’m guessing I still have a lot on my mind from the events of the day before. Yesterday was my Taekwondo school’s international tournament, a full-day event of delicate forms, impressive board breaking, and lightning-quick sparring. Hundreds of students …