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Hair Revamp: Hair Oils for Sensitive Scalps

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with the websites that I reference.  They do, however, offer some amazing advice on the chemistry of carrier oils, sensitive scalps and hair care.  Please feel free to read further and enjoy the knowledge! As I (once again) get into the flow of posting regularly, I’ve decided to start on a lighter note.  That means …

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Hair Care Self-care

The Beauty Product That Made Me Curse

For those that know me, they know I don’t curse on any level. Well, except for when— But I digress. On my natural journey towards longer, healthier, fuller hair, I’ve been tweaking my hair care regimen to maximize results.  I thought I was covering my bases pretty well when, during a perusal of scientific backings and explanations (aka lurking amongst …

Shea Butter

The Most Interesting Product In the World

It is an oil…that acts like a cream. It shampoos your hair…when it’s not cooking your dinner. It keeps out moisture…while it’s moisturizing. It can remain cold and unrefined…while making you look radiant and beautiful. It is…the most interesting product in the world.   Darn.  Now I wish I worked in commercials. I was introduced to the properties of shea …