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Simply Living

2019: The Year of JusB

Hello, good day, and HAPPY NEW YEAR, all! The fact that my posting date is also January 1, 2019, works out better than I expected. It allows me to not only set the tone for this new year, but it also allows me to introduce a newly refreshed, revised website for my blog. Now, once you’ve browsed and oohed and …

Tomahawk in stump
Super Introvert

Call Me Tomahawk

  No purpose to this pic; just lookin like a badass.  🙂   On Monday, I went to a Memorial Day BBQ with my older sister, whom I’m visiting in Tucson, AZ for the week. I was fairly nervous to go to the party, fearing I would stuff my foot in my mouth and alienate my sister from her coworkers, her …