The Blackwell Ascension

This fan fiction is based off of  Wadjet Eye Games’ “The Blackwell” series, an amazing set of point-and-click adventure games about an awkward young woman and her fedora-wearing, smart aleck, side-kicking spirit guide.  If you haven’t ever played them, I highly recommend them.  Click here to go to their website and learn more!

Synopsis:  A brownstone in New York smells like fresh brownies, then burning flesh.  A young woman is willing to risk her life for one more goodbye.  And a strange little boy refuses to stop playing until his parents come home.

Rosangela Blackwell and spirit guide Joey Mallone must resolve all of these in hopes of sending the passed-on to their final resting place.  But are there powers greater than theirs?  What if Rosa and Joey become lost in a world that transcends even their understanding?

Part One:  The Case

Joey and Rosa embark on their latest case at a brownstone in the heart of New York City.

Note:  For you Wadjet Eye aficionados, this story takes place between Blackwell Convergence and Blackwell Deception.

Disclaimer:  Rosa Blackwell, Joey Mallone, and the major concepts in this story are property of Wadjet Eye Games.  This story is for entertainment purposes only.  If you would like to distribute and share, please let me know.  Thankee kindly.  🙂