The Downsides of Being a People Watcher

You develop a temporary fascination with your latest subject.

This is more dangerous if your people-watching has led you onto YouTube. You know the deal: you’re minding your own business, watching the latest YT clip on a cat snoring on his head, when you think to yourself, “Hmm…the owner’s kinda hot.”

You peruse their channel, maybe, trying to see how much they are presented in other videos and whether their adorability or sexiness is consistent throughout. If it is, you subscribe, post a comment or two on some vids, peer at their digitized fingers to check for a ring…

And no, I’ve never done that.

If you are like me, you might stalk David Blaine’s latest videos and notice how his nose wrinkles like an adorable puppy as he bewilders his latest victim, and you hope and pray that every other woman is so freaked out by him, you’ve got a chance if he ever tours in your city.

I said, like me. I didn’t say I actually did it.

Moving on.

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