Canvas tote bag with The Mind of B logo.

Guess who? 🙂

Yes—that’s right.

After three years—three years—of radio silence, I am back to posting in this mother-lovin blog.

Where have I been? The same place I think everyone has been these last few years—trying to figure out just what the heck is their life right now.

Honestly, I thought way too long about what I wanted to share as my first post back. Did I want to go heavy and deep? Did I want to re-post one of my older, more classic posts? Or did I want to keep things light and simple?

Well, heavy got too heavy to lift right now.

Some of my “classic” posts might need a smidgen of updating before resharing.

So, keeping it light, it is!

I think it’s best to start by sharing what you can expect from this blog moving forward. I want this run to last for a while, and I also want to make sure I’m sharing quality information that 1) I truly enjoy and 2) you truly enjoy. It may take a while to get back into a regular groove, so I hope you will be patient with me as I settle back into this space.

I mean, if you’re still coming back here after all this time, you are already an absolute model of loyalty and patience. And I truly, truly thank you for sticking around.

Now, let’s take a look at what’s coming back, what’s new, and what’s changing!

What’s coming back

Super introvert: At the core of this blog will always be the flavors of the “super introvert“: the introvert (of course), the empath, and the highly sensitive person all wrapped into one lovely brain. This concept–my living and traversing as a super introvert–will continue to be a cornerstone throughout all of my topics.

Video games: It’s been a shocking twist to realize how much playing quality video games have helped me keep my sanity over these last few years. It’s only right that I share the wealth! Story-rich, casual, and classic adventure games galore: I will share my favorites in games coming soon, games you should have played ages ago, and games you might want to check out if you’re feeling like something different.

Natural hair care: Oh, boy, have I been busy playing with this topic–and my own hair! Obviously, I couldn’t explain anything until I’d seen enough results from my own trials and error. Now, I intend to share what I’ve discovered on hair and scalp health, the importance and value of knowing your “true” hair type, and maybe even some tips you’ve never heard of to (finally) grow your hair healthier and potentially even longer than it’s ever grown before.

What’s new

Creativity: I’ve touched once or twice upon how important creativity is to the human condition and even integral to how we’ve evolved as a species, but I don’t think I’ve ever expressed my own creative passions and how exploring my creativity has helped me be more comfortable with myself. As sharing is its own kind of caring, I will give several insights into how I’ve learned the power of this lifeline through my own artistic explorations.

Living as a neurodivergent: Oh, boy–take 2. This one is gonna be a doozy to introduce, and you may not see any topics about it until some time down the road while I collect all the pieces in my mind. But, as this has become a centerpiece of sorts in how I now live life, I think it’s important to share how being officially diagnosed as neurodivergent so late in my adulthood has impacted my life, my relationships, and what it means for me moving forward.

Invisible chronic illness: I guess you could call this the new fourth cornerstone of this blog. This double-whammy has been the single most disruptive event to happen in my life, one that has been disrupting me since 2017, and one that I still deal with on a daily basis. Still, as disruptive as it has been, I can’t help but also consider it one of the best things to ever happen to me. The layers on this topic are so tightly packed that I feel like I’m still peeling them back and finding yet another stack I haven’t even begun to explore. Expect a few multi-part posts to come through with this one.

What’s changing

Health (mental, emotional, and physical): These will all remain prominent themes throughout this blog. However, instead of focusing specific posts on just one or the other, expect to see them touched upon throughout other topics. Get ready to learn a heck of a lot of ways I’m maintaining my health and sanity as I manage my chronic illness symptoms while also learning to understand the nuances of my neurodivergent diagnosis.

Single and dating: …’Scuse me while I sigh and cackle at the same time. This one is going to be a little tricky to manage, and one that I’m excited to write about–but not think about. So yes, while there will still be some posts about my opinions on love and dating, they’re potentially going a be a little less…rose-colored than some of my old content. Have I confused you enough here? Good. Stay tuned.

Fiction and writing prompts: I think, out of everything that’s changing in this blog, this one has left me feeling the most bittersweet. Though I will keep my old writing prompts available to browse, I most likely won’t be creating any new prompts or short stories any time soon. That doesn’t mean I’m not writing fiction! It just means it will probably come out in another format…perhaps even on a different platform! *Dun, dun, DUN epic foreshadowing music*

As is expected to happen after three years of–well, everything–some things have taken up stronger places in my thoughts than others. In addition, my initial posting might not be as frequent as I want it to be, but please know that this blog has never been far from my mind–no pun intended. My purpose for creating this over a decade ago remains the same: sharing who I am with the hope of connecting with like-minded “super introverts” who may at times still wonder how they can navigate this crazy, extrovert-prominent world.

I’m still here, ya’ll–so, I hope you all will continue to join me on my journey.