Several years, ago, while moving into my current house and unpacking the multitude of boxes that I’d brought with me from my apartment, I came upon an interesting piece of paper called “Creative Change.”  On the paper was a list of 12 commandments of sorts, each instructing the user to gently modify her life through small adjustment to her standards of existing.

Here’s the thing.

I have no idea where this list came from.

I’d never seen it before that day, and I certainly don’t remember where I picked it up or who might have given it to me.

The paper itself is highly yellowed and obviously dirtied.  I have a lot of paperwork that is old and should be thrown out, but the only documents I have that look as worn as this list are my kindergarten report cards.

…Yes, I still have my kindergarten report cards.  Let’s stay on task here, shall we?

The Creative Changes

As it is cited at the bottom of the list, the 12 Creative Changes stems from a book called Living Your Life Out Loud: How to Unlock Your Creativity, by Salli Rasberry and Padi Selwyn.  Again, I’ve never heard of the book–but, as my creative side has been severely lacking lately, I’ve decided to get the book and see what else it entails.

As for the Creative Change list itself…I’ve been meaning to put it into effect for a while, now.

Alright, alright–four years’ worth of “awhile” now.  These days, however, it’s becoming more and more mandatory, as I’m feeling something deep inside me shift.

I haven’t spoken much about how my mental and emotional well-being have been faring lately, because I haven’t been able to pinpoint the actual trouble myself.  The truth is, though, that I have become extremely run down.  It if were just lethargy, I would tell myself to snap out of it and walk it off.  But it’s not as clean-cut as that.  And until I get a better understanding…I’ll just leave it and say that, these last few months have been a little tougher than I’d care to admit.

Body Breakdown

Actually, let’s put it this way.  Last Friday, I took the day off to catch up on folding some laundry, prepare my office space for actual office equipment–you know, really take 8 hours to tear down the house and build it back up.

You know what I did?

I folded two loads of laundry, then fell asleep on top of said laundry, still standing but leaning on my bed.

Not even kidding.

My daily living habits are shot and have been shot since at least the end of summer.  I know I’ve been busy, but who hasn’t?  So many of my friends are juggling what I feel to be so much more than I am.  If they can do it, why can’t I?

Creative Change–the Challenge

I’ve also had to be more honest this year with myself and some bad behaviors that I have perpetrated.  For the longest time, denial and victimization worked to put these behaviors off.  However, if I want to evolve and be a better person in order to help and take care of those who mean the most to me, that all has to change.

Cue the improvement montage!


Now that I have effectively hypnotized you or made you pass out, let’s begin with the Creative Change Challenge.

On the Creative Change list, the first three actions are as follows:

  1.  Set aside one afternoon each week with absolutely no plans.
  2. Learn to pause, taking mini-breaks throughout the day.
  3. Meet stress head-on through relaxation, meditation, and contemplative prayer.

My goal in this personal challenge is to integrate three of the list items into my life every month, until I am effectively incorporated all 12.  At three a month, I should be full immersed by the end of March 2019.

Do I have high hopes for this challenge?

I do.


Because when random pieces of paper that say exactly what you need them to say, show up a-knockin at your door–you listen, dagnabbit.

creative change list full
The Creative Change list, from the book Living Your Life Out Loud.  A book I’ve never heard of, but am very intrigued.