Introverts, by definition, function the best when they are surrounded only by themselves or by one or two very selective friends.  The more people they have to cope with, and the longer they have to cope with said people (especially when said people are talking a lot), it can quickly drain their energy.

But what happens when an introvert is running on empty?  What if they’ve gone too long without a chance to get themselves together?  No chatting, no socializing? Just they, themselves, and them?

Well, this happened to me last week when I hosted a week-long global meeting with nearly 30 attendees to manage.  By the third day of four, I wasn’t just running on empty–I’d depleted the fumes.  Add the fact that I am also highly sensitive, working through occasional social anxiety, and have been sick for a few months–and you get quite the dull blade.

Based on what I reflected on by the time the weekend had come, I managed to determine at least five clues that an introvert is running beyond low on their energy.

Warning:  this behavior is not the most considerate or thoughtful, and it should be handled and managed by the introvert in question as well as it can before it gets to this point.  If you are a friend of an introvert who is acting this way, please don’t take it personally, and help them make it through this tough patch as best as you can.

1. They Malfunction


2.  They Get a Little…Catty

3.  They Go Radio Silence–and Want Everything Else To, Too


4.  They Leave without Warning or Goodbye


5.  And…They Look Like This