Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with the websites that I reference.  They do, however, offer some amazing advice on the chemistry of carrier oils, sensitive scalps and hair care.  Please feel free to read further and enjoy the knowledge!

As I (once again) get into the flow of posting regularly, I’ve decided to start on a lighter note.  That means announcing a major change in my hair regimen.

After an exciting three-month run with Curlformers, I finally gave the “plastic crack” a break and refamiliarized myself with my hair texture.  Coupling that with my seasonal trim and the onset of warmer weather means also reevaluating the products I use on my hair.

I have low-porosity hair.  What that means is my hair cuticles are naturally closed tight.  That’s good as far as locking in moisture; but getting moistureinside can be a little more difficult.  What works for me includes conditioning for 30 minutes and using indirect heat (like steam treatments) to open the cuticles and get that moisture inside.

What moisture is that?  Water.

How do I help hold that water in?

Well, oils are a major part of that.

Different oils have different benefits.  They mix together fluidly, giving you multiple combinations and powerhouses with the nutrients they contain.

That’s great, right?

Well…technically, yeah.

But, what if you’re allergic to certain oils?

What if you’re allergic to a lot of oils?

“What if,” indeed…

To make a long story short, I have sensitive hair and even more so ridiculously sensitive skin and scalp.  From the neck down, this is termed atopic dermatitis.  From the neck up, it is a lovely combination of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

And I am a triple threat, baby.

(Sigh; that sounded cooler in my head…)