As an introvert, I pride myself on seeing things about people that they may have never even noticed about themselves. Little habits that they do when they’re nervous, the way their look when they’re secretly pleased, realizing that someone’s not nearly as cruel as you thought.

Unfortunately, as wise and all-seeing as you feel, this people watching gift isn’t always as cools as it sounds. On the next few pages, I list why.

You get caught.

This goes without saying. There is nothing worse during people watching than when the subject of your watching sees what you’re doing. Weird looks ensure, cops might be called, and cheeks might get slapped.

And the worst part isn’t that you got caught. It’s that you got caught before you’re done with the subject.

And then that person has the nerve to get offended or creeped out, like you were doing something wrong. Can you believe that? I mean, just who in the heck do they think they are?