My Obligatory New Year’s Post

Well, here we are again.

New Year’s Day, 2014.

It’s a time for perspective and a time for looking into the future.

What resolutions will be broken by the end of the summer?  Of this month?  Of this weekend?

What will change in our lives that we never could have expected?

I began this post fully expecting to write a list of what I intended to focus on this year.  I intended to detail things like my intention to take Contortion classes, take ballet classes, dive into my “Year of Music,” finish writing that durn Blackwell fanfiction before the real game comes out in early spring, gain the gusts to travel with friends/family/on my own for vacation, fulfill my annual quota of two separate dating escapades, learn Japanese fluently by the end of the year, expand my knowledge of a personal hair care line, and successfully test for my second degree black belt in Taekwondo.

But that’s just selfish.

Instead, I would rather ask a question.

Who is tired of how their life is going?

    • Maybe too much is going on in your life, and you can never find time to breathe.  Maybe you’re pushing yourself because there is something that you wish to avoid, something you don’t want to think about.  What are you afraid of?  Why don’t you want to confront it?
    • Or maybe there is nothing happening in your life—and that’s the problem.  You go to work; you come home.  You go to school; you go home.  Your friends are the same; your family is the same.  You want something to happen.  You want anything to happen.  You need to break the monotony, or else you’ll explode.

I was speaking to my sister during the holiday season, and she told me that, for the last four months, she has been having the most interesting dreams.  Dreams that told her of a major switch in her life.  She doesn’t know what it means or when it will occur, but for now, she is going with the flow.  Nevertheless, she KNOWS something is going to happen for her this year, and she is ready to embrace it I admire her preparation and hope all goes well for her.  I may not have the same mystical foreboding in my life, but I am ready to stir the pot.

Every year, we hear ourselves say, “This is it.  This is THE year!  This is when everything will really change for me!”

Well, mean it this time, dagnabbit.

I say that for you as much as for myself.

At any rate, let’s come back in a year and compare notes.

I promise—I’ll be here.

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