Just the Bee

Just Me, Just Her

   A week or so ago, I was searching the internet for, oh, the usual suspects. A little YouTube, a little, a little web design tips. And, of course, a little Tiny Buddha. This time around, I was having trouble with my overthinking about my place in the world, why it is that everyone…

Furry Monster

My Top Ten Villain Types

   Look out; it’s an adolsecent monster obstructing unadorability!    Over the last couple of weeks, I spent at least two hours a day writing in my novel.  When I haven’t been writing or going to work, I read The Help, Seraphina, and The Secret Garden.  I’ve also been playing my video games and watching…


Writer’s Relapse

I’m having a minor (okay, major) writing “what if.”  I can tell that I am having this moment due to several of my usual anxiety symptoms: I’m staying up late, feeling like I should be working on something…anything. I’m browsing my favorite shopping sites, feeling the need to buy, buy, buy. I’m planning for my…