I’m going to make this quick and dirty.

As a collective, we’ve all been going through one heck of a year so far in 2020. Individually, I can only imagine what you’re all going through–and feeling, on top of all of the happenings.

As for myself, it’s been a cacophony of mental, emotional, and physical roller coasters for so many reasons, it’s almost ridiculous. But, since it’s real, it’s a little less ridiculous.

I know I am extremely irregular in updating this blog, which I hate. I have things that I want to say, that I want to share. I want to continue to reach out to the people like me–the super introverts who feel so different and out of place, no matter who they meet or where they go–and let them know that they are who they are for a reason, and that I can 1000% relate to their own feelings of turmoil.

So, with that in mind, I’m going to spend the next week or so reviewing the current content on my blog, doing a bit of reorganizing, and coming back soon with a stronger focus of what/how I’m going to be writing in the future. Some of you may not even notice much of a change, but dagnabbit–for reasons that I will explain soon, I’ve felt a major shift inside of me, and it’s making me approach everything–literally everything–in my life with a vigor and determination that I haven’t felt in years, if ever.

There may be a day or two (or three) where the blog itself will be down for maintenance while I update, but I hope to have everything updated in the next couple of weeks. Thank you to those who continue to come back and read my work, even if just for a few minutes every three months. I’m glad there has been something here that has (hopefully) helped you. 😊

Be safe, be kind to each other, and be kind to yourself. See you all soon!

–Brandee (aka The Mind)