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Just the Bee
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JusMeJusB…Just Me, Just Her

 A week or so ago, I was searching the internet for, oh, the usual suspects. A little YouTube, a little, a little web design tips. And, of course, a little Tiny Buddha. This time around, I was having trouble with my overthinking about my place in the world, why it is that everyone else I know has somebody they …

Nonfiction & Satire On Writing

Somebody to Blog

There is no better feeling than being busy, especially when it entails seeing friends and family.  That being said, it’s time to get back into the swing of the writing career.  I’m glad that tomorrow is Labor Day and will allow me a full day to write my butt off.Well, not really write my butt off—first of all, cuz that …

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A Day at the River

Nothing like a trip to the river to really put your mind at ease. It’s been a week since I’ve returned from my trip from Arizona, and since that time, I’ve managed to keep the resolves I’d written down into an active practice. Things that I’d been putting off (taking items to Goodwill, enhancing my emotional, physical, and mental lifestyles …

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Love the Blog, Part 2

I think the voice buzzing in my ear is saying, “Brandee, you need to relax.” Meanwhile, I’m whipping around and screaming, “Relax? Relax?! I don’t have time to relax!!” A thousand other voices (no mental impairment insinuated) are popping through my head, too, all telling me the same thing:       My father’s voice from when I was ten: …

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog

Image Source:    You never realize just how intricate and involved something is until you have plunged yourself into its core and discovered that you forgot your flotation device. “Well, no matter,” you tell yourself. “Something’s bound to come up.” This, ladies and gentlemen, is the mind in its moments when it should be preparing for the new day. …